Phelps Security Guards- Memphis, TN


Phelps is a family business built on personal values and passion passed down through three generations. Our security guards wear the Phelps name with pride.

Company History

Phelps Security, Inc. was founded in 1953 as one of the only security firms in the Memphis area. The company grew through a dedication to service and an unmatched commitment to quality, and soon established itself as Memphis’ preeminent security provider. Phelps has led the way through more than five decades of security innovation and excellence, becoming the standard-bearer of an evolving industry.

Historic photo of Phelps Security Officer in Memphis, TN.


Because we are confident in the level of service and dedication we provide, we are proud to put our family name on our company. Our trucks bear the Phelps name, and so do our officer’s uniforms. We are the only firm in town willing to stake our name on our product.

Values and Goals

The same values we uphold in our own family are the ones we extend in service to our clients. We must hold every team member accountable when it comes to realizing our goal of delivering the best guard services in Memphis and the Mid-South to every client.

There's a reason for our red trucks

"Prior to working with Phelps Security, Inc., we could not be assured that our properties were receiving the priority we felt we deserved from the security services provider.  We were plagued with failures of all sorts, no guard would arrive as scheduled, no uniforms and unprofessional appearance, missing guards during contracted shifts, and other failures such as not following our requirements for written reports and utilizing our time clock to signify inspections.  We found the service we needed in Phelps Security, Inc. after extensive research and numerous interviews" - Jerry P., Safety Director